What’s your digital transformation strategy?

COVID-19 rapidly accelerated digital transformation in the wealth management industry By some estimates, firms achieved ten years of technological progress in a matter of months.

How did the pandemic impact technology strategy for wealth management firms—and what do those changes mean for your firm?

Episode 4 of our Skience Fair Series will help answer those questions.

Skience CEO, Sanjeev Kumar, is joined by Nick Graham, CTO at Cambridge Investment Research, and Rohit Mahna, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Financial Services at Salesforce, to discuss:

  • How to effectively accelerate your digital strategy
  • How to leverage a robust technology stack to work more efficiently across your firm
  • How Cambridge has used Salesforce Financial Services Cloud, MuleSoft, and AI to drive results for their digital transformation initiatives

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Meet the Speakers
Sanjeev Kumar
Nick Graham
Chief Technology Officer
Rohit Mahna
Senior Vice President & General Manager of Financial Services